Margaret Ramage

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Since 1976 I have been a therapist, and have had experience of a wide range of people and problems.  Initially specialising in sexual and relationship issues, over all the years I have learned several approaches and ways of thinking about the struggles that people face in their lives and how therapy may be of use to them.

My professional career started in nursing at Guy’s Hospital. I then worked as a Family Planning Nurse, where my interest in sexuality and sexual problems developed. I decided to train as a sexual and relationship therapist in 1976, and later as a Family Therapist.

Since 1981, I have taught others to become therapists, and have supervised many students, beginning therapists, and experienced colleagues.

Coming from a background in nursing gave me a special understanding of the medical/physical aspects of emotional and sexual problems and their management. Familiarity with the current advances in neuroscience have helped in understanding why we do what we do from the emotional and psychological perspectives. I know that the better we understand our own bodies and their reactions, the better we are able to manage the life and relationship challenges we meet.

Family Therapy training gave me a wider range of ideas for helping couples to get over problems together. It also gave me an appreciation of family matters and how much they affect our identities, sex and relationships. This has been deepened by later training in working with family constellations, where spiritual elements of human relationship and their mystery can be explored and hidden dynamics uncovered.

I have also received specialist training in working with trauma, and in online work, and I have benefitted from the wisdom of many wonderful teachers on this long journey.

What all the above means now is that I can offer a range of different ideas and approaches to therapy, finding the method that works best for any individual or couple. If I think I can’t help. I will do my best to refer on to somebody who can.

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